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Fotona Lightwalker

We utilise the Lightwalker Laser for Restorative dentistry - laser numbing of teeth, removal of decay etc.; Endodontics - sterilising/cleaning canals; Periodontics; Oral surgery; Implantology; Aesthetic treatments; NightLase - increases airway to reduce snoring; PhotoBioModulation and Pain Management.

Our Work

We aim to provide up to date dental care to all our patients. We have been investing in the latest dental equipment: Fotona Lightwalker, iTero intraoral scanner including NIRI or near infra red imaging, Vatech digital intraoral radiographic sensors, EMS Airflow Master, Dentsply-Sirona OPG/CBCT machine, VHF milling machine, Dentsply_Sirona DAC Premium Autoclave.

iTero intraoral scanner IOS and NIRI - near infrared imaging

The iTero intraoral scanner is utilised to take a 3D image of the dentition and soft tissues. It is great for educational purposes. The patient can see what we see. It has a time lapse feature, so it highlights any changes between scans, which is great to monitor tooth wear due to teeth grinding. It has NIRI, which is near infrared imaging to look for cavities. We also use IOS for crown and bridge work for a digital workflow for the fabrication of crowns and bridges in house with our VHF milling machine making the turnaround shorter.

IMG_5423 2_edited.jpg

Vatech Ezsensor - digital x-ray sensors

EzSensor Classic provides the image for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. We have 2 sizes: size 1 for children and small mouths and Size 2 for adults.


AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master is the latest EMS innovation for the "Guided Biofilm Therapy": a unique solution for caries, perio prevention and maintenance. The AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master has been designed with the highest standards of performance, safety and comfort in mind, being specifically built to cater to the 3 core treatments of the Guided Biofilm Therapy.Airflow therapy is a hygiene treatment that removes persistent stains on your teeth, plaque and discolouration using a combination of warm water, compressed air and fine powder particles.

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